104-29 Jamaica Avenue is a long way from Austin Street, but there’s a reason for the name on this worn sign under the Jamaica elevated. In 1954, Bernard Titowsky opened a used bookshop in the heart of Kew Gardens, 82-60 Austin Street, and moved around the corner sixteen years later, over the years culling a devoted following even though it was only open on weekends, depending on mail order for much of its business. 

Titowsky lost his lease in Kew Gardens in 1984, but undauntedly moved here to Richmond Hill. After his death in 1993, the store has been run by its next owner, Raymond Harley, who continued Austin Bookshop’s  mecca status for used books on baseball that Titowsky cultivated.

The store’s last Yelp review was in 2014, and the sign seems to have been recently exposed from under something else, so I’m not sure the place is still open. If you know for certain, shoot me a line at until I can restore Comments.


Update: It’s open Saturdays, and has a facebook page.

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