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  • CHIP SHOP, Boerum Hill

    November 2, 2015

    Lisa, a friend from Philly, said she wanted to eat at Chip Shop in Brooklyn, so we headed to its sole remaining location at 129 Atlantic Avenue at Henry Street in Boerum Heights. This is a location I know quite well, since I attended college here in the Stone Age and have been a frequenter […]

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  • PUGLIA, Little Italy

    December 27, 2014

    By MICHAEL CASTELROSO Special to Forgotten New York The original Puglia, 189 Hester Street, Little Italy, was opened at 117 Mott Street by Gregorio Garofalo in 1919.  Garofalo, an immigrant from Puglia, Italy, opened to serve the needs of the community with familiar foods: capozzelli (roasted sheep’s head), pasta fagioli, and tripe.  A vintage business […]

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  • ZEKE’S ROAST BEEF, Bay Ridge

    December 24, 2014

    I have a 30-year history with Zeke’s Roast Beef, which served my dining needs once per week when I lived on 73rd Street and 7th Avenue in Bay Ridge and walked to the train station at 62nd Street and 8th Avenue. In that era, I worked nights, beginning at 5PM and later, at 7PM, and […]

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  • PRESS, Madison Square

    December 5, 2014

    I’m beginning a new Forgotten NY category called Eats, in which I talk about lunch and dinner spots I like to frequent. I’m hardly a gourmet, but there are a few non-fastfood chains around town that I find myself in quite a bit. I’m not hard to please. The food has to taste good, the […]

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