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  • IRT MANHOLE COVER, Wakefield

    September 18, 2015

    Bruner and Barnes Avenues meet each other just north of  239th Street.   At the point where the they meet, the entrance to the 239th Street/Wakefield yard awaits you. The location of this IRT manhole cover is just inside the 239th Street/Wakefield yard entrance, a yard or so from the security booth. Only MTA employees can […]

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    December 8, 2000

    There’s a hidden city beneath the city. Sewers, electrical wiring, water mains, traffic and train tunnels all pulse and vibrate under your feet as you walk the five boroughs. Other than steam-belching vents, manhole and coal chute covers are the only visible reminder of this underground subcity. If you walk past them without noticing, you’ll […]

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